Oct 29, 2007

Designer Series 2008 is now shipping!


The Designer Series plantable stationery collection is now shipping!

Designer Kal outdid herself with the Plantable 2008 Eco Calendar, Plantable Greeting Card Set (shown above) Plantable Holiday Tags and Plantable Journals. Shop the entire plantable stationery collection and then place your order...fast...because we only printed a limited run!

The card shown above is part of the Plantable Greeting Card set. We finished putting them together on Friday and I loved them so much that I took a set home to photograph.

Imagine this - it's early on Saturday morning, around 6:15 am, and I'm in the dark kitchen with a camera, tripod and light box setting up this shoot. Why was I up instead of sleeping? Well, the kids were at a sleep-over at their grandparents and it was a rare opportunity to take some photos uninterrupted. So, I used the time to take some shots, including this one of the rockin' green, orange and turquoise envelopes that come with the cards.

I love these colored envelopes. I think it makes the card extra special, because you don't see vibrant shades like this much. The recipient will definitely take note of this card when it arrives in the mailbox, glowing amongst the bills and junk mail. How much do you want to bet that it will be the first thing to be opened?

So happy Monday to you! And if you need a dose of feel-good, give a friend a card from this Plantable collection; it will be sure to pass along some cheer and happiness (especially as they enjoy the flowers that will grow when they plant it!!).